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With Our Patent-Pending Tools...

You never have to lift a door – You tip it!

Door Jim - the coolest tool for hanging doors.

Features and Functions:

  • Allowing one person to lift (up to 1 1/4”) and maneuver a heavy door with his foot while
  • freeing his hands for mounting the hinge plates.
  • Specially shaped not to mar or mark door finish.
  • When using the Door Jim with the our Door Rover, Door Rollin and DoorPal, the risk of having the door falls during the hanging process is virtually eliminated
  • Door Jim also works great as a door stop. It can keep a front door open with up to 2.5" gap below.

DoorPal - the most versatile door tool ever!

Features and Functions:

  • It is designed to be the most advanced and yet the simplest door tool in the world. Being light and portable, it is convenient to attach to a door on a stack or on a cart and then postion the door to the ground for moving and hanging. All that can be done easily by one person.
  • Its built-in anti running brake keeps the door from running away when you stand the door up.
  • Its intergrated lifter helps you align the hinge plates to the frame with ease and elegance.
  • Hanging doors is so much faster and safer with our DoorPal.

Door Rolling - the best tool for moving doors.

Features and Functions:

  • Uniquely designed to attach and detach to door in either vertical or horizontal position, so you don’t have to lift the door. Works great with our DoorPal.
  • It's fast and easy to use because of its light weight and dual-clamp design.
  • It offers excellent control and maneuverability in moving doors.
  • Its 8" wheels with polyurethane thread are non-marring and go over electrical cords and air hoses easily.
  • Using with DoorPal and Door Jim, one person can deliver and hang a heavy door quickly and safely. Great saving in labor cost, door damage, and injury.

Our DoorWISE store/showroom is located at 8425 Belvedere Avenue, Suite 200, in the city of Sacramento, California.

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